Suebel training

Suebel Seals Belgium offers a one-day Sealing Technology programme for experienced users of seals and new team members in their facility in Brussels.

The Technology Centre is set both in Brussels and India. Suebel conducts full day interactive programs, providing insights on basic sealing principles according to their experience in supplying Sealing Solutions to various industries.

This programme is not in complex engineering terminology, but in simple terms that we deal in everyday being in the Sealing industry. The training programme can be added to the company’s ISO, ASME certification programs as well.

Suebel Seals is a European Distribution Centre of Spareage which has a local warehouse along with the service production facility for 65 years in Brussels (Belgium). Spareage has its own Production plant in the same location for 60 years in Mumbai (India).

The agenda of the Programme

  • Seal materials, profiles and applications.
  • Customer needs analysis – criteria for selecting the right seal.
  • Seal installation and storage.
  • Seal failures and corrective actions.
  • Understanding the Seals manufacturing processes.
  • Technical discussions on parts in Hydraulics, Shaft seals and all the new age elastomers and thermoplastic compounds that we have in our range.
  • New opportunities for you with your customers, which your team is not currently tapping in your market.