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EUSGA was established in 2001. The association is represented in almost every European country. EUSGA is a comprise of companies engaged in the distribution and manufacturing of hydraulic- and pneumatic seals, oil seals, gasket sheets, cut gaskets, packings, rubber- and plastic parts, etc. and whose goal is to establish a leadership role within the seals and gaskets industry. EUSGA is managed by an Executive Committee elected by members. English is EUSGA’s official language.

The current members are the most important distributors in each European country. The total turn-over of these companies is almost 650 million euros. With 2000 employees they serve 120.000 customers. The biggest share of the orders is supplied from a stock with a value of 100 million euros. If the articles aren’t deliverable from stock right away, they can be produced fast and instantly with the most varied modern equipment present in each company.


To build a highly qualified platform of seal and gaskets distributors which provides tools, techniques and  information to members to become more competitive, efficient and qualified companies in the market, through optimal networking, open communication and friendship.

Honourable People

There have been many people who have been present with us, that is why we want to remember their effort and dedication


EUSGA has an internal Organization in Committees and working groups in order to develop the Mission and Goals of the Association.

At present, the internal Organization of EUSGA is the following :

Internal Organization





Formed by

President: Steffen Ruhnau/HaffVice-President: Andy Cleaver/CeetakTreasurer: Urs Müller/KuboTechnical Coordinator: Jacqueline Ruiz/Team Manatis The Past presidents + Executive Committee + 3-5 members. A minimum of 3 members with Secretary support. A  minimum of 3 members with Secretary support.
Goals To Manage the Association in order to achieve the Mission and Goals established and approved by the membership of the association.
  • Specifics strategic issues decided by EC
  • 5 years strategic plan review.

Membership Issues 

To analyse new members profile and give first approval to propose to the membership for approval by mail.

  • Find new manufacturers
  • Keep existing working relationships
  • Sharing best practices, new trends, training material,..
  • Find new manufacturers
  • Keep existing working relationships
  • Sharing best practices, new trends, training material,..

Goals 2018

This objective is achieved through collection, and social interaction. Regular formal and informal events are considered essential so that cross-fertilization of ideas and information of certain topics for example; macro-economical and environmental developments facing the seals and gaskets industry, which provides a unique opportunity for its members to obtain a European-wide forum for in-depth discussion. The Association provides opportunities for members to update their knowledge with practical experiences.