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Members benefits

The primary benefit of membership is the opportunity for networking with others in the seals and gaskets distribution industry. EUSGA members meet annually to discuss common interests and concerns. During the year, members turn to each other as resources for new information and insights relevant to the industry. Members often express that the personal contacts made through EUSGA are a valuable business tool which provides a tremendous return on their investment.

EUSGA offers its members educational opportunities, forums for discussing international standards, and vehicles for increasing communication among members.

The day-to-day contact with the major players in the industry provides EUSGA members with access to the most up-to-date information. This detailed and thorough knowledge of materials and their applications is available to fellow members.

A direct link from EUSGA’s web site to the member is installed. At the Annual Convention, members can decide on all points of the agenda and elect the Executive Committee.

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