Slovenia Members Meeting 2024

Slovenia is a country located in Central Europe and part of the Balkan region. The central region of Slovenia is renowned for its capital, Ljubljana, and its surroundings.

It boasts a diversified economy, with a strong presence in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, trade, and services. Industry represents a significant portion of the GDP, with sectors like metallurgy, engineering, electronics, automotive, chemistry, and pharmaceuticals being prominent. Slovenia exports products such as motor vehicles, machinery, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and metals, among others. Relevant agricultural production includes food, wine, and dairy products.

The culture reflects a blend of historical influences, including Roman, Germanic, Italian, and Slavic. The well-preserved architecture showcases a mix of Baroque and Renaissance buildings alongside modern styles.

We will be situated in the region of Kranj, specifically in the municipality of Naklo in northwestern Slovenia. We encourage your participation!