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EUSGA connect

Together, overcoming present and future challenges

EUSGA’s Committee has planned a virtual meeting, to offer the members the time  and space to discuss concems or needs towards the association.



14 January 2021


1:00 pm CET

12:00 am UTC


Mika Vuorio 1 pm

President of the Association will open the meeting and welcome all the Eusga Members.

Urs Müller 1.05 pm

Financial Statement

Presentation of the balance for this year’s and next year’s budgets.

Mika Vuorio 1.20 pm

Member’s presentation and Round Table

Andy Cleaver 3 pm

Brexit situation

Mika Vuorio 3.15 pm

Dates or next convention.

Steffen Ruhnau 3.20 pm

Linkedin and proposal of wishes.

Mika Vuorio 3.30 pm