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Brunnen Convention 2019

Brunnen City

This year’s convention will be located in Brunnen, Switzerland, the country of the outgoing president of Eusga, Urs Müller and Kubo Tech will be hosting this convention.

The spectacular town of Brunnen is located in the centre of Switzerland, next to the astonishing lake of Lucerne, surrounded by the spectacular mountains of the zone. In Brunnen you can enjoy a visit to a relaxing place with magnificent surroundings, where all the people that visits it for the first time want to repeat the experience. Moreover, there are legends that surrounds Brunnen such as William Tell, the legendary Swiss hero. Even King Ludwig II travelled regularly to the area to enjoy the breath-taking views, as did so many writers and painters such as Goethe or Spitteler to look for inspiration.

May is the best moment to enjoy the walks and excursions and enjoy the lake, swimming and sailing. Keeping with the tradition of finding incredible routes, this area is well known, especially for the mountains of Urmiber and Stoos-Fro nalstock, or the route of Urnersee and for the more intrepid, a route to Mythen.

Mur River Bridge


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