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TEST SEALING SYSTEMS COMPANY was established in Częstochowa (south of Poland) in 1992.

We specialize in:

  •  Sealing systems for hydraulic and pneumatic applications, rotary motion applications and non-typical applications for all branches of industry,
  • Vulcanized rubber and rubber-metal products,
  • Engineering plastics,
  • Regenerations, production and repairs of hydraulic cylinders.

Own production:

  • CNC machines – we are able to produce seals up to 720mm,
  • Vulcanized rubber and rubber-metal products,
  • Hydraulic cylinders – regeneration,

Items in stock:

  • O-rings,
  • Semi-finished products,
  • TOR® tapes (guideways of machine tools),
  • Silicone sheets,
  • Wear tapes (ACM products),
  • MUPUSEALS® (O.L Seals goods). Composite bearings (ACM products).