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Annual Convention

EUSGA organizes an Annual Convention, every year close to some member premises, in order to achieve all the goals we look for in this annual event.

The basic activities develop in the Annual Convention are the following :

  • Table tops with value added manufacturers (15-20 manufacturing companies specialized in niche products/services)
  • Conference around new trends, innovation, Best practices,..
  • Visit Premises of members or manufacturers
  • Format of two and a half days:
    • First day starting at  12:00h only members. Annual Meeting, working groups, dinner together.
    • Second day : Table Top manufacturers, + conferences + Gala Dinner
    • Third day : Visit to someone premises
  • Create nice vibrant positive athmosphere,..

The final Goal of the Annual Convention comes from the Goals of the Association : create high networking opportunities among membership.

Next Convention

  • Beaujolais Convention 2022

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