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EUSGA members manufacture and distribute hydraulic- and pneumatic seals, oil seals, gasket sheets, cut gaskets, packings, rubber- and plastic parts, etc.

The successful integration of these materials into the marketplace is a common concern among the members of EUSGA.

EUSGA members have a strategic focus on distribution. Members may also be offering sophisticated machining services, such as lathe-turning, cutting and molding, etc. and stock auxiliary products.

It is not only the immediate availability of a large variety of finished products and semis that characterizes the activities of the members of EUSGA.

EUSGA members must also agree:

  1. Promote the objectives of EUSGA
  2. Actively participate in the Annual Convention
  3. Provide such information which is necessary to meet the objectives of EUSGA
  4. Allow inclusion of company information on the EUSGA website