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Fridle Group was born from the merger of Fridle Sistemi di Tenuta S.r.l., founded in May 2007, and Fridle S.r.l. founded in 1979. Nowadays Fridle Group is one of the leading companies in the Italian market specialized in the sale and distribution of sealing systems of various types, sizes and materials (rubber, elastomers and composite materials), and hydraulic components.

By regularly monitoring global markets and forging partnerships with several leading international manufacturers, Fridle Group reaches a broad market, achieving a turnover of € 16 million in 2014. One of the company’s greatest assets is represented by the efficient distribution center that supplies seals for hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical and mechanical applications. With 21 automated warehouses and more than 80.000 references on stock, Fridle Group guarantees its customers located around the world fast, timely deliveries of a wide range of pneumatic seals, sealing gaskets, bonded seals, backup rings and hydraulic fittings, all manufactured by leading Italian and foreign suppliers.